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Our Heritage Breeds

What We Sell


We sell registered American Milking Devon and Kerry breeding stock, and registered and commercial Belted Galloway and hybrid Galloway/Devon breeding stock - heifers, bred heifers or cows, cow-calf pairs, and young or mature bulls.  We also have American Milking Devon and Kerry bull calves suitable to train as oxen, and females of these breeds suitable for a family cow.  

We sell purebred lambs and older ewes and rams for breeding stock from our Wiltshire Horn and polled Wiltshire.  We also sell hybrid ewe lambs and rams for breeding stock, from Wiltshire Horn and Katahdin ewes bred to Katahdin and Dorper rams. 

Our animals lamb and calve in spring and summer, and we sell young stock when they are weaned.  We accept orders for stock at any time.   When we have stock available, we contact people who have placed orders with us, on a first-come, first-serve basis, to confirm the order and obtain a deposit, with final payment at the time of shipping. 

Please contact us for information on prices and availability. 

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